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More and more of us are looking to do our bit for our environment and we recognise our part to play in this too.

We can offer alternative cleaning products that are more ECO Friendly than regular chemicals usually found in most cleaning cupboards.

Use of regular cleaning products means the array of harmful chemicals they contain, such as ammonia, phthalates, chlorine, nonoxynols and many more.

Once you have used these sprays and in your property, there is often a residue left on surfaces and fumes in the air.

Whilst the ingredients of regulated products have been deemed safe, there is a long-term risk involved and often a lack of transparency with labelling and what each product actually contains.

The challenges of the project

As a result of these harmful chemicals, it is not uncommon for people to experience skin irritation and allergic reactions. However, in contrast, eco-friendly products contain a lot of natural ingredients such as lactic acid, citric acid and enzymes which are much less harsh and over-powering.

One of the advantages of natural cleaning products, is that they are much more environmentally friendly than standard shop-bought cleaning products.

Unfortunately, many chemicals from harsher cleaning products eventually end up in our waterways and soil, damaging our fragile eco-system and upsetting the natural balance. Eco-friendly cleaning products are much more biodegradable and have far less of an impact on the environment.